Case Studies


Teleconferencing Gets a New Life through a Lean Approach


ACT Conferencing, now a PGi company, is a provider of web and video conferencing tools. They were looking for a better teleconferencing application that was technically modern, responsive and user-friendly. ACT engaged Spire Digital to design a new mobile-web video collaboration tool with a streamlined user experience. As well, Spire and ACT partnered on an agile approach to engineer efficiently and meet time-to-market goals. Spire led the user-centered design and lean digital product development process, and together with ACT launched the mobile web application under budget and on time.


ACT’s web conferencing product was dated, not brand-aligned and failed on mobile devices. Additionally, ACT had poor experiences working with design firms in the past who were unable to integrate with ACT’s agile development team. The opportunity? Surpass the competition with a modern, feature-rich, mobile-friendly web application—and trust that ACT’s SCRUM development team could integrate with Spire, which lived, breathed and practiced “lean.”


Armed with the business goals, Spire first created a picture of ACT’s world through field observations, competitive analysis, trend-spotting and customer interviews. Once they understood the space, Spire proposed innovative user experience design and features to ACT’s product team, together reconciling them with ACT’s objectives and prioritizing at a granular level. Spire’s lean product and interaction design team melded seamlessly with ACT’s product management and development teams, working from a shared backlog as an integrated SCRUM team. While Spire’s user experience designers rapidly prototyped and tested features and design treatments, ACT began the engineering effort to power the new product.


ACT and Spire successfully brought to market a world-class product that met the growing needs of ACT’s customers, partners and business, and provided that all-important elevated user experience design. Spire and ACT worked hand in hand to define appropriate technology, which led to a single responsive web application that is a feature-rich, interactive, online video collaboration tool. Even better, using a “Build, Measure, Learn” approach reduced the total engineering effort and time-to-market, allowing ACT to bank both unused time and money, a feat any company would love to accomplish.