Case Studies

Mobile Day

From an Idea to a Must-Have Business Application


MobileDay, a startup graduate of Techstars, created a conference call app that easily connects people to their mobile calls and calendars. To build it, MobileDay hired Spire Digital, who conducted lean product and UX design, as well as full branding and marketing design and strategy. Concentrating on MobileDay’s minimum viable product and working in a collaborative fashion, Spire went from whiteboard sketches to design proofs to code in record time, helping MobileDay ship its iOS and Android app in only five weeks.


Early on, MobileDay was known as ScheduleMe and hypothesized that project managers would be their core early adopters. Their team of four developers had already developed the back-end technology to create a one-button conferencing application that could aggregate all conference bridge providers (such as Google and GoToMeeting), usernames and passcodes. But they needed someone who could put it all together and get it out to market fast.


Spire’s user-centered design approach began with surveys of the market, which helped identify a different target than previously considered: mobile sales people. Spire then led the company through keyword and creative exercises to make a case for a name change.  “MobileDay” tested very well, and thus the new name and brand were born. Spire created the iOS in conjunction with MobileDay’s internal team, leading the mobile app design and front-end development.


Since the app’s release, MobileDay has been touted as a must-have business application in online and print publications such as TechCrunch, Time, Forbes Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine and Inc. The company has raised over $10 million in venture money and continues to grow the business on the Spire-built foundational digital product.